Desizing,boiling and bleaching series
 Clip mercerizing series
 Padding and dyeing series
 Washing machine series
 Pre-shrinking series
 Common used cell series
 Electric control flow series
  Xinlian printing machinery (inside) group is made up of headquarter and branch: Jiangsu Xinlian Printing & Dyeing Mach. Co.,Ltd., Wuxi Xinlian Printing & Dyeing Mach.&Electr.Co.,Ltd.. Xinlian Install Technical Service Company.Serve by headquarter unified product development, sale and market.Depending on top-ranking talent and technology, top-ranking management and manufacturing equipment, top-ranking products and service.Our group provide the whole set equipment of the production lines and the technology of wet porcess for the woven and knitting dyeing company.
  ◇ Over 30 years of printing machine manufacturing experience and research work of dyeing equipment with high speed efficient energy saving technology.
  ◇ Laser cutting machine from Switzerland, CNC bending machine etc, series of fabricating machine tools.
  ◇ High quality roller production line with nearly 60,000 pieces of yearly capacity.
  ◇ Advanced reliable high-class control cabinet designing and On-line checking technique, leading the new generation of digital dyeing.
  ◇ Over 70 engineers and technicians?service team with long time experience in the dyeing industry.
  ◇ ISO9001:2000 certificated and the spirit of principle of Human. Innovation develops.
  ◇ Researching experience for the kintting fabric and pay high density high fabric,extreme wide fabric .
High-class product, know-How of dyeing, integrated strong services.

  Main Product:
  1. Desizing, scouring and bleaching series:
  (1). LMH022 Desizing, scouring and bleaching range (2). LMH020 Desizing, and scouring range (3). LMH021 Oxygen bleaching range (4). LMH050 Chlorin bleaching range
  2. Mercerizing Series:
  (1). LMH282 Roller clip mercerizing range (2). LMH862 Roller Mercerizing range (3). LMH202 Clip Mercerizing range (4). LMH302 Pine piled up mercerizing range
  3. Pad dyeing series:
  (1). LMH425-698-650 Hot melt dyeing range (2). LMH424-649 Continuous Pad dyeing range (3). LMH425 Hot wind rendering range (4). LMH698 Baking range (5). LMH649 Color development soap washing range (6). LMH428 Cold pad batch dyeing range
  4. Washing series:
  (1). LMH658 Steaming wash range (2). LMH659 Pine piled up scouring range (3). LMH028 Printing wash range (4). LMH102 Pad baking rang
  5.Cut open knitti ng fabric wet-pretreatment series
  (1).Continuous washing range (2). Continuous bleaching range (3). Needle clip mercerizing range (4). Cold pad batch dyeing range
  6.Bamboo type knitting fabric wet-pretreatment series
  (1). Bleaching range (2). Mercerizing range (3). Washing range
  7. Pre-shrinking series
   Singeing range series ○ Efficient padder and steaming washing box ○ Colour weave cowboy cloth equipment ○ The equipment of wax printing ○ Guide roller series ○ Spin type heat changer machine

  1. Xinlian printing machinery is historical long dyeing machine factory with dyeing factory the equipment that near 80 Electromechanical technical people develop together, she receives and saves the plenty of successful experiences of dyeing technology and equipment now simultaneously, reach home for printinging and syeing the advanced reliability of machine and the adaptability of technology to be in the lead level, and have gotten the identification of market and user and trust.
  2. According to the high cotton type and blending of high density fabric avoid creasing, have unique improvement to design , make the guarantee of installation, and have a batch for more than 30 years dye service people and the R&D of factory practice experience assurance.
  3. Xinlian machinery is a straight large scale Indian mechanism in healthy fast development make enterprise, more value technology, quality and future. Unite equipment recently to have real material shi material, superior quality and performance, its reliability, low fault and energy saving fall to consume , the aspects such as few blowdown have the market that decides firstly compete force actually.
  4. Xinlian machinery has produce per year sixty thousands roller special lines, in which near twenty thousands is export, the production of high quality is basic , is for completely machine quality , especially fight creasing is strength guarantee.
  5. Xinlian machinery have a batch of field assembly, debug and maintenance service troops with rich experience, buy unite equipment recently for is buy rest assured , buy Ge satisfactory, unite Indian machine recently can realize the project " deliver key" , will not produce absolutely to wrangle , push Wei etc. phenomenon. For founding new factory line can decrease a lot concern and trouble matter, unite Indian machine recently have the technology and people who design and implement every supplemental work in the aspect of new factory line with strength, it will be at any time free to offer attentive service, facilitate new factory line prompt optimization to form a complete set mount a horse , early, go into operation , make benifit earl。
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